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Because I know you all lovely peeps :iconlazyshyplz: LOL
More like, if you like my drawings, why not throw a point or two? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! :iconjunesplz:

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ak-itsuki (Fia)

Aki | Akit | Akitsuki | Fia | or anything you like! owo
Date of Birth:
November 19th
Paint Tool SAI | Wacoom Bamboo | Photoshop (occassionally)
Language Preferences:
Indonesian | English | slight Japanese
All boys drawn by ヤマコ

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7 deviations
TBG - Roald Southcliff by ak-itsuki
TBG - Roald Southcliff
Application for :icontrapped-by-guertena:
YES I KNOW I APPLIED TO MANY RP GROUPS but most of them are going inactive while the other gets too active it's overwhelming :iconpapmingplz:


n a m e.
Roald Southcliff

a g e.
18 years old

b i r t h d a y.
April 10

h e i g h t.
158 cm | 5'2"

w e i g h t.
47 kg | 103 lbs

g e n d e r.

o r i e n t a t i o n.

r o s e.
turquoise - self-respect

i t e m s.
*turquoise rose
*pocket watch

p e r s o n a l i t y.

patient | logical | honest | independent | stubborn | clumsy | temperamental | arrogant

He'll be the stiffest person you ever met. Roald can only be convinced by facts, doesn't like to be bothered by useless arguments, and sometimes he sees people are not worth his time--what's worse is he won't hide it. Roald won't sugarcoat his words but sometimes that's just what you need. He'd likely to tell you his opinion when you ask him. He's not a person who easily shows his joy when he's in good mood though. Unfortunately, Roald's kind of clumsy. He can slip without tripping on anything and it's usual to find him adding salt into his tea instead of sugar. He really hates that part of him.

b i o.

Roald wasn't raised in a wealthy family. In fact, his father was just a physics teacher while his mother was a piano teacher. He also had a younger brother who was 10 years younger than him. His father always told him that knowledge is far more important than money, so he believed in that and did his best to study. Roald managed to stay in the first rank in his class for years. A few times he was bullied by his own classmates, but he didn't give in until they got tired of him.

His family was also an art admirer. In weekend, his father would invite the whole family to art museum. Though at first Roald didn't understand what's so good in paintings and sculptures, eventually he understood the beauty in it. He liked to share his thoughts about a certain artwork with his father, even though sometimes they didn't meet any agreement. Roald never intended to make his own artwork, but he was fond of criticizing it.

One day, to celebrate Roald's graduation, his family went to a museum, exhibiting Guertena's works. The art there wasn't exactly what Roald had seen before, so he really took his time looking at each of the artwork, identifying them one by one. He then stumbled into the biggest painting in the museum, which led him to... another side of the museum.

l i k e s.
his family | science books | children | art | playing piano | learning new things

d i s l i k e s.
cold weather | nosy people | being called short | being underestimated | liars

r e l a t i o n s h i p s.

e x t r a.
*Roald's used to take care of his younger brother, so he starts caring for other children too.
*His mother taught him to play piano. His favorite composer is Antonín Dvořák.
*He enjoys learning but he's weak in social science (pretty clueless in social interaction as well).
*Actually he's not so weak but not that athletic either.
*When Roald is happy or in good mood, he becomes a little bit calmer and less stubborn.
*Roald easily catches cold, so he always wears warm clothes.

r p m e t h o d.
note | comment | Google doc. | (or ask me if you're not sure!)


On the other note, I actually know nothing about Britain nor classical music :iconeheblushplz: Maybe I do, but that's not even 1% of it, so pardon me if I did any mistake. And yep, I tried doing painting style but I failed miserably :iconlaughsplz: To be honest I kinda forget my coloring style so I decide to play with the colors instead. That's also one of the reasons why I barely continued working on my comissions --//slapped
TBH May '15 - True Owner(s)? by ak-itsuki
TBH May '15 - True Owner(s)?

Nope, not angst, it's psychological horror :iconlazeplz: Anyway, here're some explanations;

You may think that Shouko's confused because the reality is different from what she wrote in her note, but it could be that Shouko's afraid she has Alzheimer's :iconehesmileplz: //just realized that I accidentally made Shouko with Alzheimer's symptoms :iconplak3plz:
I can't believe I spent my weekend working on this orhdfkqoslasdhkla but the premise is actually interesting to be honest :iconohdoki: Though I kinda forgot how to draw Shouko for a moment :icontearplz:


Medio (c) :iconkuro-d::iconzetsuzuka:
Dexy (c) :iconkuro-d:
Sinny (c) :iconzetsuzuka:
YES! Finally exams are finished and school can't hold me back anymore! Well, I still have to go to school though for university entrance test WHICH I HOPE I DON'T HAVE TO TAKE BECAUSE IT'S FREAKING DIFFICULT. Yeah, I've tried doing those tests but nope, it'll be a kind of miracle if I managed to answer half of it.

Anyway! I'm trying to be active again and for the start, I'll do the delayed commissions orz I'm so sorry I'm the worst ;_; But my first batch of commission is now closed! I don't know if I'll open again soon, but I hope you look forward to it. And for the notes and comments, I'll reply them right away! It's like, I haven't replied it for more than a month? ashfkslqosjfwhka So sorryyyyyy!!
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